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by Lisa Suzanne
She has been hurt. She has a past of lies, cheating, and pain. She has severe panic attacks when she’s in enclosed spaces, a side effect of a horrible accident caused by a man she thought she loved. Quinn Carpenter has a distinct type: bad boys with dark hair, dark eyes, and tattoos. Tyler, her friend with benefits, fits the bill perfectly. They have fun together and they both know that fun is where their relationship begins and ends.

Quinn’s life is exactly how she wants it until she meets Reed Porter, the typical pretty boy with blue eyes, blonde hair, and zero tattoos. He is the exact opposite of everything Quinn likes.

So why can’t she get the frustrating, preppy, blue-eyed Reed out of her head?

She isn’t interested in commitment. She doesn’t want a relationship. But Reed challenges her, he puts her in her place, and he makes her nervous. The confident Quinn is never nervous around men, so what is it about Reed that has her questioning everything? And what will be the side effects of attempting to juggle two men at the same time?

by: Brittany Jo James
Happiness is only reserved for the upper class in the United States of America.

As a military wife who spends most of her time working for minimum wage, Temper Jensen can attest to that. Finding a spare moment to spend with her husband, Voss, is a luxury she can hardly afford.

Everything changes when the citizens realize that the president of the country is nothing more than a terrorist bent on total domination. Freedom no longer exists for the citizens of the United States of America and all who dare defy their new rulers are considered rebels of the nation.

Temper knows what she must do, even if it means being separated from Voss in order to save his life. Risking everything, she runs home to her moonshine-brewing anarchist daddy’s home in southwest Arkansas to collect a congregation of rebels to fight back. No one can be trusted, especially Temper’s devious ex-boyfriend who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Can Temper reunite with her husband, keep her wayward family out of trouble, and restore the USA to the nation under God that it was intended to be—or will freedom as we know it be lost forever?

by Roxy Queen
Audrey has spent her life in fear of intimacy. Panic attacks rule her senses and after another failed relationship she finally agrees to get help. Entering a psychological study on exposure therapy is overwhelming, but it's also Audrey's last hope. There she's partnered with Graham, an experienced psychology student, with his own baggage and hopes for the future.
With each revelation they sink deeper into one another, merging into the other’s lives in and outside their protective bubble.
Ultimately, there’s only one goal. One objective and together they’ll break new ground, layer by layer, until Audrey’s exposed.

by K.D. Carrillo

Freshman year changed the lives of Chloë, Finn, Dean and Anita. Their sophomore year brings new hope for the normal lives they all crave, and a second chance at lost love.

Their hopes are shattered when ritualistic murders reminiscent of the Inquisition threaten to expose the existence of the supernatural world. The Central Coven needs Chloë to step up and help them face this new evil, but her powers have been rapidly weakening.

In order to heal Chloë must face her most frightening challenge yet, giving Finn a second chance.


by Tessa Teevan

Parting has never been such sweet sorrow, at least not for Sawyer Callahan and Cheyenne Hamilton.

One summer forever changed the lives of Sawyer Callahan and Cheyenne Hamilton. Two very lonely people found solace in one another and in the end, fell in love. Unfortunately their plans for the fall took them in entirely different directions. Despite their best efforts, family issues and life’s circumstances got in the way, breaking both of their hearts in the process.
Almost six years later they find themselves face-to-face, and old feelings resurface. When the past collides with the present, will they be able resist the temptation, or will they finally realize that they’re where they’re meant to be?

A 65k word novel of broken pasts, first loves, and ultimate sacrifice. New edition includes 15k words in bonus scenes.

by: Jacelyn Rye
Chosen. By its very essence, the word chosen is one of finality. What you’ve chosen becomes your destiny. Unless, by chance, fate has chosen otherwise. But choice is a double edged sword, as Will and Sarah find out when it cuts their lives into ever more hard to assemble pieces.

What was the point of hoping, planning, dreaming? What was the point of loving? It could all be taken, and for Will, it had been. Helplessly bound by his obligations, he watches the love of his life drifting slowly, irretrievably away. How can keeping his promise to Sarah, and keeping his vow to do anything to protect his family come to this? How can such love summon such pain?

As fate would have it, Sarah is asking herself that very same question. As she struggles to escape the ether ties of amnesia, she gropes the dark corners of her heart, trying to grasp something solid, something to hold. But life is forcing Sarah to seek the very answers she fears most. Can there be something even more powerful than love? Putting a thousand-piece puzzle together through her dark days of forgetfulness, Sarah slowly snaps one faintly matched memory into place after another, as a familiar picture slowly begins to emerge from the foggy past. And the more her memories creep back in, bringing with them a desire smoldering just beneath the surface of her shattered life, she begins to realize the question that has taunted her for so long, is upon her again. Will, or Adley?

Both Will and Sarah share their hopeless closeness as their choices lead them ever further apart. What they’ve chosen for themselves involves others, and promises made have overgrown the road behind them. If there is no going back, the only way forward is straight through the gates of fate.
As they enter, deep family secrets explode from the shadows of their pasts, secrets that cut so deeply, no one will ever be the same, no one will ever forget, and ever-lurking death will snatch its due. Neither Will nor Sarah ever had a chance to choose. Fate had chosen their path long ago. And now, fate has brought them to their final destination. Will they choose to accept it? Do they even have a choice?

This is book three of the New Adult Romance Series: Fate's Path.
The books are not stand alone. For your reading enjoyment, please read the books in order.
1--Surrender to Fate
2--Shattered by Fate
3--Chosen by Fate

Recommended for 18+ for new adult content and explicit scenes. If you love steamy coming of age and unique historical romance novels that spin an emotional story all around you, add this love story to your kindle now!

Blindfold Fantasy
by: D.L. Roan
HEAT WARNING: Blindfold Fantasy is a MFM erotic ménage romance containing sizzling sexual situations and strong language. Intended for mature audiences only.

To celebrate landing the job of her dreams, architect Jayne Simon's best friend hired a golden-tanned, tattooed sex god to fulfill her blindfold fantasy. No! No way! How could she possibly do that with him when just looking at his picture makes her blush?

The last thing CEO of Silverland Industries, Devin Kirk, expects to find when he tracks down his troubled best friend in Vegas is an overbooked gigolo-in-training. What the hell was Blake thinking? Staring at Blake's new client's hotel room door, blindfold in hand, Devin is soon asking himself that same question. When he said he'd do whatever it took to get Blake to take over his new project, visually impaired sex-for-hire was not in the plan. Neither was having the best night of his life with a woman he would never see.

The sooner Blake gets Devin's new project off the ground, the sooner he can return to the land of fast booze and faster women and forget all the reasons he left L.A. in the first place. That's if he survives Devin's demon-spawned sister, a corporate spy and an unyielding hunger for SI's newest architect.

by: M.R. Joseph
My name is Raphael Cruz. I was once a man made up of only flesh and bone. Never feeling, just existing. I indulged in the pleasures that others gave to me, and those I gave to them. That's all it was—pleasure. Physical pleasure. No emotions, no attachments. I didn't need all those feelings, didn't want them. There was no longing for love, no longing to let anyone in. Until I found her. And I gave in.

Harlow Hannum showed me what love was all about. I savored it and held it close, not even knowing I really wanted it in my life. She made me feel loved. She made me accept love. She taught me how to love in return. My heart was open to it all. My heart was hers. It belonged to her. But, she never knew. And then lies, deceit and betrayal forced me to lose the one thing that made me more than a man who just existed.

I should have told her I loved her when I had the chance. I should have told her I gave in to all the powers that love possess.

Will I ever have the chance to tell her? Will my past mistakes never give me that chance?

by: Amalie Silver
Smut sells.

Michael Rourke learned this the hard way.

Struggling to make ends meet as a mystery writer, he sold his soul - and his pride - as he pedaled sex and lust writing under the pen name Christoph Strong.

No one knew he was the one behind the steamy stories on the bestsellers lists. And he planned to keep it that way.

Until he met her.

Monica Singer, an infamous blogger, is keen to discover the truth of his secret identity.

During a chance meeting at a book convention, Michael and Monica form an instant connection. And soon, an industry rivalry becomes something else entirely.

But as Michael starts to let his guard down, he doesn’t realize that the person he's learning to trust may be hiding secrets of her own.

Secrets that could ultimately destroy everything.

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